Steal Like An Artist… I was inspired to steal

One day while searching something on the internet, I came across a pdf file about ‘how to steal like an artist and 9 other things nobody told me’. It was just only 24 pages with many photos. It was not too long to finish and I found it interesting, so I downloaded it and planned to read it later.

Within a week or so, I talked to my friend. In the middle of our conversation, she recommended me the book named ‘Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative’ by Austin Kleon. The book was already translated into Thai language. She told me that she could send me the book from Thailand (at that time, I was in Sweden), but I told her that I had a downloaded pdf version and I wanted to finish the pdf version first.

I could not believe that I was about to read what my friend was reading. What a coincidence! After reading the pdf file, I found out that it was inspiring. It inspired me to start doing something such as a blog. I, later, had a chance to read the whole book.

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On the ’10 things’ list, the one that I like most is ‘Be Boring’, number 9 on the list. This was so true to me. The time that I read this pdf was the time that I was doing my master thesis; my life was so boring in Sweden and I was about to go back to Thailand to do the thesis at home. Well, my friend who already graduated told me not to go anywhere. He told me that I need a boring life to finish my thesis. And, he was right (the book as well). The boring life gave energy and helped me focus with the goal.

For me, the book is worth a second read. The book did not change my life, but broadened my horizons. If you are finding inspiration, I recommend this book.

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