Stockholm… people do fishing in the middle of the city

Since I lived in Karlskrona, Southern Sweden for a year, I thought I should make a visit to Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden once.

At that time I wanted to get away from my thesis work. I had been working on my thesis for 7 months straight, so I thought I deserved vacation. My trip started from Karlskrona to Stockholm. From there, I would take ferry to visit Baltic State Countries: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Then, continue to Berlin, Copenhagen, and back to Karlskrona. I did not plan to do anything much in Stockholm. I just wanted to see the city.

I took a bus from Karlskrona to Stockholm. It took more time than the train, but it was cheaper. The view along the way was nice and I do love summer in Sweden.


I arrived Stockholm quite late in the afternoon, but the sky was still light. This is why I love travelling during summer; the days are longer than the nights. After checking in, I left my stuffs at the hostel and started wandering around the city.

My hostel was near Gamla stan, the old town, so I just walked around it first. The weather was so nice and the restaurants and the main streets were full with people.

 Stockholm02 Stockholm03

I walked to Stortorget, the oldest square in Stockholm. The old town was quite small. All buildings around the square looked normal, but they had the stories behind.  Well, I did not know why only these 2 buildings were more popular than the others.

 Stockholm04 Stockholm05

I walked out of the old town and wandered around for a while.

 Stockholm06 Stockholm07 Stockholm08

Then, I saw something that was really surprised me. People did fishing in the middle of the city! Actually in Karlskrona, I always saw people did fishing while I took the bus from my home to the city center. Well… Karlskrona is definitely not a tourist city. I was not surprised at all. But this is Stockholm! This is a capital city! I cannot believe that people can do fishing in this city, especially in the city center, near the royal palace.

 Stockholm09 Stockholm10

The first day in Stockholm, I thought I saw pretty much the whole city. But I did not see one important thing which is the gilded crown on the bridge, another Stockholm’s landmark. So, on the next day I headed up to Skeppsholm Bridge first. Then, I spent time at the shopping street while waiting for the ferry to Tallinn.

 Stockholm11 Stockholm12 Stockholm13

Have you ever been to Sweden or Stockholm? Have you ever seen people fishing in the city center? Share your experience with me in the comment!


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