Study Abroad Series: 01 Erasmus Mundus

Here is how the story begins.

I am Thai; I was born in Thailand; I grew up, studied, and have worked in Thailand. I do love my country, BUT living abroad for a while is my dream.

I wanted to live in a new place alone. It could be anywhere in the world and it could be one or two or three years. I thought that living alone in a new environment and stepping out of the routine of everyday life would make me know myself more.

Actually what I had to do to make my dream come true was just quit a job and go abroad. But, it definitely was not a good way to pursue my dream. I needed a plan. What would I do while living abroad? How much money do I have to prepare during that period? These are the questions that should be answered before quitting a job.

To answer those questions, two things came to my mind: working abroad or studying abroad. These two choices allowed me to live in a new environment and see new things. Before getting a scholarship I worked in an international company. There were chances to work abroad, but not for everyone. And not for me; I did not get any chance. So, studying abroad could be my choice to pursue my dream and it was also a good reason for career break, but it required money. Well, to be precise, a lot of money. Then, I did search for scholarship.

Actually after graduating bachelor’s degree, I tried to find a scholarship that covered full tuition fee and living costs without obligation. But, I did not find one. All of them covered either only full-tuition fee or partial tuition fee. Finally I gave up.


Years later, I tried again. I did not know what I searched on Google, but it brought me to know Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, the scholarship that allowed me to study master’s degree for 2 years in 2 universities in 2 countries in Europe, and it did not cover only tuition fee, but also covered living expenses. Besides, there was no obligation after graduation. Wow! Wow! Wow!

I wondered why I did not know this scholarship earlier!

2 years!

2 universities!

2 countries in Europe! (I had never been to Europe before and it was my dream destination)

For free!!

I wanted it!!!

After I had known this scholarship, I started searching more information about it such as the opened program, the admission procedures, and the selection criteria. And, what I really wanted to know was the level of competition. How many students applying this scholarship each year?!?!?

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