Study Abroad Series: 02 Competition

I was taught to do not compete with others, but compete with myself and improve myself every day. But, in this world we have to admit that sometimes we cannot avoid competition with others.

And when talking about scholarship, everyone knows that it is not easy to get it. The number of students applying for scholarship is always a lot more than the number of scholarship to be awarded.


I realized the word “competition” when I was 13. At that time, I graduated primary education from a private school in Bangkok. For high school education, as other students did, I took an admission exam to get in one of the famous public schools in Bangkok. The competition was quite high. If I do not remember wrong, only one out of ten students got accepted to school and the other 9 students were disappointed. At that time, for me, the world was so cruel. Well, as I grew up, I took an admission exam to get into the university; I had job interviews; gradually I became familiar with the competition.

When we get what they want, we are happy. And when we do not get what we want, we are sad. But in this world, nobody gets all they want all the time. We get something, while others don’t and vice versa.

However, from my past experience, many times I learned a lot when I did not get what I wanted. I learned a lot more than when I got what I wanted. This time, with Erasmus Mundus scholarship, with students applying from around the world, frankly I did not want to learn a lot, but wanted to get it!

Anyway, I did not know how good the other students are. Actually I did not even know them. What I could only do was do my best…

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