Study Abroad Series: 03 International Language

As you may know, one of the required documents for applying most of the scholarships is an English proficiency certificate.

Thai is my mother language. To communicate with foreigner, I think in Thai and then translate it to English. So, an English test has never been easy for me. To study abroad, English language is difficult to avoid. For Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, some programs did not require an English proficiency certificate, but they required other European languages proficiency certificate. And, that would be more difficult for me.

To apply Erasmus Mundun scholarship, I had to prepare other documents too. But, this certificate took the longest time to prepare. The programs that I was interested in required either TOEFL at least 550 (paper based), 213(computer based), 81 (internet-based) or IELTS at least 6.0 certificate.

I started preparing for the IELTS test since March 2010. I intended to take the test on July. And I would have taken the test again in October, if I had failed. I gave myself two chances. The applied period of most of the programs started from November to February.


At that time I worked full-time in a company, so for 5 months (from March to July) on workday I either woke up early or went to sleep late and I did not go out on weekend in order to prepare myself for the exam. I studied hard because I believed that ‘Practice makes perfect’.

 I was not sure whether I could reach the minimum score required, but I was sure that this 5-month study was not a waste of time. At least my, English would improve. I encouraged myself.

On the exam date, I was excited. I told myself that it was just another exercise. But I knew that it was an expensive one and I should do my best.

The result was released after the test for 13 days. Those 13 days were very long for me. Well, at least I would know the result. It was much better than waiting for the job interview results.

13 days gradually passed, I did not go to the test center, but I checked the result online. I filled in the required information and I was waiting for the result in front of the computer. One A.M. sharp, I pressed enter.



I did not take the exam again 🙂

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