Study Abroad Series: 04 It’s time to apply

After getting IELTS test result, I prepared other required documents. Luckily the programs that I was interested in did not require letter of recommendations, so I did not have to contact a teacher. And, it did not take much time to prepare the other required documents.

For Erasmus Mundus, there were several programs available to choose, but the candidates were not allowed to apply more than 3 programs. I did not know the reason for this. At first I wanted to apply 3 programs, but finally I applied only 2 programs: European Master on Software Engineering (EMSE) and European Master’s Program in Computational Logic (EMCL).


The former program, EMSE, was a 2-year master program that had four European partner universities from four countries:

Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), in Karlskrona, Sweden 

University of Kaiserslautern (UIKL), in Kaiserslautern, Germany 

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (FUB), in Bolzano, Italy

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Madrid, Spain

Students would have a chance to spend one year in one university and another year in another university. And while applying the scholarship, I had to choose 2 out of the 4 universities that I would like to study in the first year and in the second year. I chose UIKL for the first year, and BTH for the second year.

The latter program, EMCL, was a 2-year master program offering a chance to study in 3 universities for 2 years.

Because of the internet, applying for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship was not difficult and I was not excited at all. What I did was just sat in front of the computer, filled in the form on the website, and uploaded all the required documents. Then, the process was completed. I could not believe that applying for study abroad was much easier than applying for study in my own country. Besides, applicants still could edit the application and their information until the closing date.

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