Study Abroad Series: 05 Law of attraction

For Erasmus Mundus scholarship, each program had its own criteria to select the students. After the closing date, I could not edit my application anymore. What I could do was just wait, wait, and wait.

I did not know when the result would be announced. I checked an email every day and also checked the result on the program’s website. I did not like waiting for any result. During that period, when talking to my friends, they always asked me there questions.

“Do you know the result?”

“Have you got it?”

My Singaporean friend told me to ‘Pray hard’ and he told me to believe in ‘Law of Attraction’. In short, it was the “like attracts like” belief; your positive thoughts could bring positive results.

Do you know this law? Do you believe in it? I did not have anything to lose, so I just simply applied it everyday.


Early of March, on the EMSE’s official website, the list of students was announced. There were 23 names on the list ranked by score. 9 students were awarded the scholarships, while the rest were on the waiting list. My name was on position number 10 on the list. I should be on the position number 1 on the waiting list, but it was not.

I had read from somewhere that Erasmus Mundus took the geographical balance which meant no more than 3 students from the same country be awarded the scholarship. For example, if there are 5 Thai students on the list, only 2 of them will get the scholarship and the rest will be on the waiting list.

On the list the students on the position number 1, 3, and 5 were from Brazil and I saw that the students on the position number five was in the waiting list. So,instead of being in the waiting list, I, who was on the position number 10, was awarded the scholarship! I was so glad when seeing the list. You could not imagine how excited I was!!

And when I took through the list carefully, I found out that the guy who was on the position number 11 got the same score as me, but I was ranked before him (I had heard from somewhere that this scholarship supported women. Maybe it’s true).

Umm…It really worked! Maybe the law of attraction is real!!!

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