Study Abroad Series: 06 Friendship

Few days later, EMCL, another program that I applied announced the result via email. I was on the position number 28 on the waiting list. It meant if 28 first students ranked before me had rejected the scholarship, I would have got it.

For EMSE, after announcing the result on its official website, few days later I got the email from the program secretary confirming that I was awarded the scholarship. But, I had to wait for the final confirmation from Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). And, she told me that I would get it within April.

OK…I still had to wait. But from what I heard, it seemed like no one ever missed it!

The result on website did not show only student names, but also show the universities that the other students and I chose to study in the first and second year. And the list was a starting point for us to get to know new friends. Yes, we started getting to know each other on Facebook.


I used my real name on Facebook, and after announcing one student contacted me on Facebook. She told me that she chose to talk to me first because on the list I was the only female student who would go to Germany for the first year like her.

Maybe because we had the same dream, we quickly got to know each other. She told me that she was an apprentice in Germany before and studying there was her dream. She applied for this scholarship four years ago, but she did not get it. And she tried again. If she had not gotten the scholarship, she would have funded the study herself. I respected her attempt.

We talked to each other almost everyday, while waiting for the confirmation from EACEA. We were afraid that it was just a dream. Then, late in April, another student, who would study in Germany on the first year, contacted us via email asking about confirmation from EACEA. It seemed like everyone was waiting anxiously.

While waiting for the confirmation, our friendship started…

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