Study Abroad Series: 07 I got what I did not choose

Finally, end of April, on 30th of April 2011, everyone got the final confirmation from EMCEA, but…something changed.

I got what I did not choose.

Instead of Germany, I was assigned to Italy for the first year. It happened to other students too. One student chose Germany for the first year, but he was assigned to Spain. Another student chose Sweden for the second year, but he was sent to Italy.

Some of us were a little bit disappointed. At first I did not know why we were assigned to the universities that we did not choose, but one of the students told me that they wanted to balance the number of students of each university.


For me, about two months while waiting for the final confirmation, I did search information about Germany, and the city that I was going to live for a year such as the nearest airport, the train station, cost of living, language, weather, and so on.

Then, when I knew that I was assigned to Italy instead of Germany. I was just a little bit giddy; I was not disappointed much because I did not know much about both universities. At that time I just wanted to go to Europe; either Italy or Germany was fine for me. What I had to do was just search for information to prepare myself again. And, I was willing to do so!

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