Study Abroad Series: 08 Bolzano

If we are talking about Italy, I bet everyone would think of the famous cities like Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence or Pisa and no one would think of a small city named Bolzano.

How could you guy think about this little city? Maybe you do not even know that this city exists in the world.

Well, Ok. Maybe you guy know this city. But, for me, last 3 years I had never heard of this city before.

I started getting to know this city when I knew that I had to live and study there for a year. After I had known that I was assigned to Italy for the first year of my study, I started searching for more information about the university and also its location.

The name of my university was Free university of Bozen-Bolzano or FUB. The university is located in the center of Bolzano, a city in northern Italy.

Bolzano (or Bozen in German) is the capital city of the province of South Tyrol or Südtirol in German or Sudtirolo in Italian.


The city and province have names in three languages: English, German, and Italian. Wow!! So cool!!! But, I started getting confused…with too many names.

And when I continued searching, I found that Bolzano was ranked very well among other Italian cities in the quality-of-life survey. It is the city of a mix between Italian and German, and local people speak two languages (Italian and German) in their daily lives. At that time, I was not sure if local people speak English. Well, if not, something fun was going to happen!

And after searching for a while, one day I found one topic on a Thai web board talking about Bolzano. The questioner was a Thai lady who married a guy who was living in Bolzano. She told everyone that she had been living in Bolzano for 3 months and she had never met any Thai there. OMG! And what if her husband and she moved to somewhere else?

Even if I wanted to live abroad alone, it did not mean that I wanted to live in somewhere that no one from my hometown lived!!

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