Study Abroad Series: 09 Visa

The next step was the most annoying step ever for me, but it was a must step. Yes, it was time to apply a VISA.

To apply for a visa I needed to wait for an acceptance letter from the university in Italy and also the letter confirming that I was awarded the scholarship. The good thing for students who got Erasmus Mundus Scholarship was the visa fee waiver. I did not pay the visa fee.


Besides Visa, the university needed an important document named “Declaration of Equivalent Value” of my university degree which can be obtained from Italian Embassy or Consulate. To have this document, firstly, my bachelor’s degree transcript together with my bachelor’s degree diploma needed to be authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Then, they were translated into Italian language, and were sent to Italian Embassy or Consulate. Well, it took me almost 2 weeks to get this document.

Finally, all the documents were completed. And it was time to book a flight ticket and pack a suitcase!

For a flight ticket, I tried to find the cheapest one and bought it.

For packing, it was not easy for me because it was a long journey. I bought so many stuffs; I bought like I could not buy anything in Italy; I was crazy. Then, it took me a lot of time to organize stuffs I bought into two middle suitcases and one backpack.

Finally, Ready to fly…

At that time, I did not know that this journey was going to be the longest journey in my life.

…722 days under European sky…

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