Study Abroad Series: 10 Ciao Italy

Since Bolzano is a city in northern Italy, Instead of flying to Italy I could choose a flight to Munich, or Innsbruck and take train cross country to Bolzano. A flight to Munich might be the most convenient one because there were minibuses running between Munich airport and Bolzano.

But, at that time I was very new to Europe train. From Thailand, to go to Bolzano, I chose a flight to Milan.

Because it was not a direct flight, it took me around 16 hours from Suvarnabhumi airport (Bangkok main airport) to Milan Malpensa airport. I was surprised, when I first arrived. Milan was a well-known fashion city, but the airport did not look elegant like I imagined. From Milan Airport, I took train to Milano Centrale railway station, the main railway station of Milan,  in order to take train to Bolzano.

After picking up my suitcases at the airport, I walked to the ticket counter, bought a train ticket, and waited for the train. I started observing that the signs around were written in Italian language ONLY and I realized at that time that I should have learned some Italian words!


Along the way to the railway station, I did not hear any English words. 40 minutes passed; I then arrived Milano Centrale railway station. I was surprised again because the railway station was very huge. There were so many platforms and so many people waiting for the train. It was a busiest railway station I had ever seen. And I did not know where I could buy a ticket to Bolzano.

After getting off from the train, I decided to walk into the building and I finally found that the ticket office was on the ground floor. I walked down there, waited in a long line, and bought a ticket. Walking up and down with two suitcases and one backpack was not fun at all; I was regret that I did not book a ticket via internet.


After getting the ticket, I waited for the train for an hour or two. The train did not go directly to Bolzano. I had to change the train at Verona.

On that day, I also was confused with the Italy train ticket and I did not validate the ticket! Lucky me, the train collector did not fine me, maybe because when he checked the ticket, I handed it to him confidently like I did not do anything wrong. He just wrote something on my ticket. (At that time I still did not realize that I had to validate the ticket!)

From Bolzano train station, within 10 minutes I could walk to my dormitory. But with my 42-kilogram stuffs, I decided to take a bus. I did not know the bus no. that would pass my dormitory, so I asked a lady around there. She told me that she was going to take the same bus with me, so she helped me carrying my stuffs and told me when to get off from the bus.


After getting off, I was confused (again). All signs were written in strange language. I had a map, but I did not know where I was on the map. So, I just randomly walked. Only 1 minute passed, instead of getting closer to my dormitory, I stood in front of my university. Well, I knew that my dormitory was only 3-minute walk from the university. So, I randomly choose a path again. And, lucky me, unawarely, I saw my dormitory.


More than 24 hours, finally I safely arrived my dormitory!

It was a tired day ever!!

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