Study Abroad Series: 12 New Friends

In the list of students who got EMSE scholarship, only other 2 students were assigned to Free University of Bolzano. One was from Costa Rica and another one was from Romania. We got to know each other via Facebook since we had not arrived Bolzano yet. Besides, with Facebook, I also knew one more guy who was in the same program with me and would study his second year in Bolzano.

Then, after arrival, I just realized that there was one more Italian guy applying to the same program as me. So, for the first year in Bolzano, I had 3 students studying all courses same as me.


I had never studied abroad. I was a little bit excited and wanted to know how the classroom environment was. First semester I had four courses. After studying for 2 weeks, I found out that there were other students from other programs studying with me. In every classes that I studied there were no more than 30 students in the classroom. Well, mostly no more than 10 in the classroom! OMG! It took me some times to get used to very little students in the classroom (in Thailand, in my classroom there were always more than 50 students!).

Besides, I got to know friends who also got Erasmus Mundus scholarship, but from other programs. Some of them were studying in EMCL, the program that I applied, but I did not get it.

And I also got to know two Taiwanese students. They stood next to me, while waiting in the queue at the post when we applied for the resident permit. I loved talking to them because we had similar culture.


FUB was not a big university. Soon, I had more and more new friends. Soon, I realized that FUB was an international university and the students here were from around the world. Well, mostly from Europe; I did not mean Italy because some courses that I studied had only one Italian student.

I started having more friends from the classrooms and also outside.


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