Study Abroad Series: 16 Adjustment

Flying across the globe

from hustle and bustle capital city to the small and calm city,

from the golden axe-shaped land to the boot-shaped land,

from Asia to Europe,

and from east to west…made me excited.

Actually I felt excited since I knew that I got the Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

After arrival, my daily life changed considerably. I did not take a bus nor a skytrain to the university because the university was just only 3-minute walk from my dormitory. I walked to almost everywhere. No traffic jam and no pollution. And at the same time there was also no skytrain nor subway.

Since I lived alone, I had to go to supermarkets by myself. Some of them just took only 5-minute walk, while others could take up to 20 minutes. Well, they all were in walking distance.


My life there was calm and peaceful as I dreamed of, but I did miss my hometown and I had to adjust myself in so many ways.

In Bolzano, there was no barbecued pork with sticky rice selling on streets in the morning; I had to prepare breakfasts by myself. There was no 7-Eleven, a convenience store that opened 24 hours every day; supermarkets closed around 6pm or 7 pm on weekdays and closed on Sundays. I had to stock basic foods in my fridge and cupboard. Google and Youtube became my most visited websites. When I wanted to eat Thai foods, I always searched and started learning cooking by myself.

After settling down, I felt that living abroad taught me to admit and adjust myself to the surrounding environment. I came here not to just study in the classroom, but also outside.

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