Study Abroad Series: 20 Italian language

One thing that I had intended to do before arrival in Italy was to learn a third language. I thought it would be a good chance to learn Italian, while living in Italy for a year. I did not want to be very good at Italian language, but I just want to be able use it in my daily life.

That was my thought before arrival.

I registered for an Italian language course which was free for me. On the first day of the course, the teacher rarely spoke in English; she taught Italian by using Italian language. I did not understand anything AT ALL.

My Asian friends felt the same as me, while my European friends could understand the teacher. One of them told me that Italian language was similar to her mother language.


As I told you that I had a project that I had to submit the progress every week, so I did not have much time for Italian language. I knew that learning new language needed time and practice.

I went to the class for about one month, but I did not learn anything. One day I started seeing that all Asian students skipped the class. My Taiwanese friends told me that it wasted of their time because the teacher did not teach in English.

I agreed with them, but I had read from somewhere that learning a language by using that language was more effective. I was not sure, but it did not work well with me. Well, maybe I did not try hard enough. Finally I dropped the course, even if I knew I was throwing away the good opportunity.

At the end of the second semester, before leaving Italy, my friends and I was talking to a teacher. She told us that for the next year language course might be a compulsory for scholarship student.


Lucky me… They thought about it after I had got a scholarship.

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