Study Abroad Series: 21 Subjective

Bolzano is a small city that is surrounded by mountains. One day I started seeing tents and portable toilets in the park. The beautiful and tidy city became dirty and messy.

Then, after talking to friends, I realized that these things were done for Alpini. This year they would come to celebrate in Bolzano. I was warned to stock the foods and drinks because the number of people in the city would double during weekends and the event would be ended on Sunday.

In order to avoid crowds, some of my friends even planned to go somewhere else. I could not do so because I had an exam. So, I planned to see how they celebrated.

During working on a project with my friends, my Italian friend sent us a link of Alpini song on YouTube. So, we could sing and celebrate with them. Umm… but how could I sing Italian song? I just dropped the Italian language course!

During the weekend, it was a joyful moment. The city was full with people and I heard the sound from the music’s bands all day long. I had never seen so many people in Bolzano since I lived there.


But, the number of people on streets was still much less than people on the streets in Bangkok.

Did they call it “crowded”?!?!?

This story made me think of “subjective” and “objective”. Subjective is information based on one person’s opinion, while objective is about fact.

I felt that nowadays we were overwhelmed by information. I tried to remind myself to distinguish between the fact and the opinion.

Another story about this happened the day before when I had a conversation with one friend. We were talking about a teacher. I told him that I like her teaching style, but my friend told me that he did not like her. He told me that the teacher did not teach something new; she taught only basic things that everyone knew. So, was she good at teaching?

Monday morning, tents and toilets disappeared like there was no celebration here before, but the “subjective” and “objective” thing was still in my mind.

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