Study Abroad Series: 22 Museum night

When I was young, I rarely went to museum. On weekends, I usually spent time with my family and friends in the shopping malls, or restaurants. I was sure that it must be less than 3 times that we went to museum together.

On a winter night while living in Bolzano, my friends and I planned to visit all museums in Bolzano. That night was called “Museum Night”. It was a night that we could enter all museums in the city for FREE starting from 4pm to 1am.

In Bolzano, there were 7 museums in the city. The most popular one was, of course, South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. People went to this museum because they wanted to see Ötzi the Iceman, a natural mummy.

Visiting museums made me know Bolzano a little more. Well, I did not visit all museums like I intended. My friend told me that there was a “Museum Day” in summer and we could visit all museums for free on that day. I did not see this event in summer, so I was not sure if it was true.


Actually it was not that fun visiting museums here because many museums did not provide information in English. They had only Italian and German language. But what I liked was seeing parents and their kids learning things together.

It would be good if this kind of event is held in Bangkok. I did not want to enter the museums for free, but I just want to see people in the museums instead of shopping malls.

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