Study Abroad Series: 24 My life was not complete

I was not sure what happened to me during living abroad. I loved learning new things, but while I was there I was so lazy. I was lazy to go to the university, lazy to do homework, and lazy to study. This feeling made me feel bad to myself. Many times I had to make up my mind to study.

Because my life was incomplete

This was what my friend told me. She did not mean that I had to find boyfriends or someone to fulfill my life, but she meant living far away from family and friends was similar to we lost something important in our lives. Not only one friend said something like this.


So, for us studying abroad needed more energy, and we came here to practice.

One thing that helped me a lot while living there was Dharma. I read many religious books. It was the time that I started to be interested in Zen.

Surprisingly, the time that I learned about the Buddhism religion was the time that I lived in country that Buddhism was not a major religion and the temple was far away from the city.


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