Study Abroad Series: 25 Doraemon

I had believed that everyone knew Doraemon, a popular Japanese manga series. It was my favorite cartoon. I started reading it when I was in junior high school, same as Nobita, a pre-teen boy who always got help and support from Doraemon. I thought it would be good to have a friend like Doraemon.

During the exam season, I told my friend that “I need Doraemon”. I thought he would ask me back the special thing I needed, but he asked me that “What is Doraemon?”

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Oh… I was really surprised that he did not know Doraemon. Maybe Doraemon was popular only in Asian countries. So, I told him that Doraemon was a special blue cat who had many special things and what I needed from Doraemon was a time machine; I wanted to travel forward in time because I did not want to have exams.

My friend laughed. He told me not to need a time machine because it meant we lost time for a month and we would miss many things in life. It was true. He was right.

His words made me thinking of an American comedy-drama named “Click”. The story was about a workaholic man who got a special remote that allowed him to fast-forward and rewind to some parts of his life, and finally because of overuse of the remote, he missed important events in his life.

So, live in the present and do my best!


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