Study Abroad Series: 26 Indonesia

Well, I still wondered about the Doraemon. So, I asked my roommate who came from Indonesia. She knew! She knew not only Doraemon, but also Dragon Ball and Ikkyu-San. I was even more surprised when she told me the TV schedule of these series; it was very similar to the TV schedule in Thailand (Doraemon and Dragon Ball on weekends morning, and Ikkyu-San on weekdays evening).

The more I talked to my roommate, the more I felt the similarity of Thailand and Indonesia.

In the city of Bolzano, on the shopping street there was a shoe shop named “Bata”. When I saw this shop, I immediately thought of the school shoes that I wore from kindergarten to high school. Even if the shop was full with fashion shoes, the logo reminded me of school shoes. My roommate told me that she felt the same. When she was young, she also wore Bata.


Besides the shoes’ brand, the food was also similar. One day my roommate cooked dinner for me. She told me that this dish was difficult to make and the lady who was able to make it without instant seasoning was the one who was ready to get married. My roommate used the instant seasoning; she told me she was not ready yet. It took her longer than usual to make that dinner. When I tasted it, I immediately felt that it was Kaeng Som or Thai sour curry. This dish was the one that I wanted to cook and my mom told me that I needed to buy instant seasoning first!

My roommate watched many Thai horror movies. Some of them I have never watched. One night we watched a Thai horror movie together. The English subtitle was not good; I could not understand it. But, she told me that it was fine. It was not English subtitle, but it was English mixed with Indonesian subtitle. Oh… just knew that many Indonesian watched Thai movies!

Having her as a roommate was something good. I was glad that while living in a western country, there was someone from an eastern country like me.

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