Study Abroad Series: 28 Summer

About 9 months passed, finally winter faded away, and spring was in the air. I started seeing colorful flowers around the city. The temperature was getting higher and higher. I just realized that during summer in Italy, the temperature could reach 40 degree Celsius!


My friends and I started doing outdoor activities together. My favorite one was riding a bicycle. Our first bike trip was to go to Lago di Caldaro. I fell in love with the water color in the lake. The next one was to go to waterfall in Vilpiano. I enjoyed the warm summer breeze while riding a bike.



Even if I said that, I was so tired after those 2 bike trip. So, before leaving Italy, my friends and I had a bus trip to Dolomites. We stopped at Lago di Carezza and Rosengarten. The lake was really beautiful and it became my favorite lake ever!


I was surprised that I had never known Dolomites before arrival in Italy. When talking about Italy, I always thought of the famous cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice only.

Well, the bus trip was the great one because I was not tired at all after the trip!

Living in the winter for so long made me miss the sunshine and the warmth. I was not surprised anymore when seeing people sitting under the sunshine (as a Thai, I always try to avoid sunshine because I do not want to be burned).

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