Study Abroad Series: 31 My Italy Part2

This post and the previous post is about things that I saw while studying in Italy and things that I did not expect to meet. 

Gelato and Pizza:  My Thai friend told me that after living in Italy, two things that she has never wanted to eat in Bangkok were ice cream and pizza. When I was stress out, I usually walked to the ice cream shops, bought an ice cream, and had a walk in the park. I love eating ice cream while visiting cities in Italy. For me, Italian ice cream is the best. Pizza too, the best pizza I had was in Italy!

Friendly: I had heard that Italian were friendly, but they were friendlier than I had thought. People there said “Ciao” to me, even if they did not know me. Besides, I talked to many Italian while travelling solo in Italy. On the train to Rome, I read a book from kindle. The Italian girls who sat opposite to me asked me about my kindle. She could not speak English well, so mostly she asked me in Italian and I answered in English.


Italian Police: After losing my wallet in Florence, I had to go to police station because I also lost my ATM card. And yes, the police did not speak English. I tried so hard to explain what happened to me to the police. Then, she went to a room and came back with a dictionary. She opened it and asked me that “Report theft?”. I smiled and said “Yes”.

Then, she took me to another building. Along the way we met a guy who could speak English fluently. I told this guy what happened to me. The guy explained it to the lady police. And when we arrived at another building, the lady police explained it to another police. I did not know that the story that the last guy heard was correct or not. But, I finally got a document to issue new ATM card. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it!!!

Pisa: As you may know, the leaning tower of pisa was planned to stand vertically, but it started leaning while building it. The ticket price to go up there was not cheap. One of my friends told me that she went up there and found out that she could not see that it leaned from above. Another friend said that only Italian could make money from the mistake. I laughed; he was true.

All in all, Italy is a charming country. There were many times I missed my hometown, while living in Italy, but I still wanted to prolong my stay in Bolzano.

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