Study Abroad Series: 32 Watching football with Italian

Watching football with Italian was very fun.

Normally I did not watch football match; I did not care about it. But there was Euro 2012 tournament during my stay in Italy. The large-screen television was put in the university at mensa (canteen), so students could watch the matches while having dinner. Some classrooms became appointment places for students to watch football together.

At that time it seemed like everyone talking about the tournament. So, I decided to watch it once with Italian people. The first match that I watched was the match in the final round between Italy and Germany. Besides classroom and mensa, there were other places around the city that we could watch football such as in front of the museum or the hall beside the bank.

I had never watched the match before. I did not know that there would be very crowded, and people would go to the places very early (before the match began). At first we chose to watch the match in front of the museum because we thought there would be crowded and it would be fun. Yes, many people were waiting for the match there, but there was no space for us. It was full!!!

We then moved to the hall beside the bank which was almost full. Soon, the match began. Soon, Italy scored the first goal. Then, Italy scored the second goal. People in the hall screamed and sang the song like Italy already won. The hall became quiet when Germany scored a goal. Well, finally Italy won!


The game ended, but people were still singing and banging. Some people drove their cars and honked their car horns all night. I was excited because I had never seen something like this before. Well, that night it was really difficult to sleep.

Because it was really fun watching football match with Italian, I intended to watch it again. The next one was between Italy and Spain, and Spain won 4-0. This time things were different from the previous time. People in the hall watched the match quietly. That night the game did not end yet, but people walked disappointedly back home.

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