Study Abroad Series: 33 Dormitory

I had never stayed in dormitory before. I had not known how life in dormitory was, but I had imagined that students would have more freedom than living at home.

After the announcing of the scholarship, the university officer sent me an email regarding the place to stay. What I did was just filled in the form, and then she helped me finding a dormitory. Soon, I got an email informing that I would stay in Rainerum during my study in Bolzano. The other Erasmus Mundus students also stayed there.

Not only students lived in Rainerum, some workers also lived there. My room was at the third floor. There were 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, and one little kitchen. Life in Rainerum was a strange experience. My friends and I usually shared what we were complained to each other (Yes, we always were complained). There were many stories that were well-known not only among students, but also the teachers.


First story was we were not allowed to use rice cooker in our rooms. To be precise, we were not allowed to use electric appliances such as rice cooker, kettle, iron, and so on. Well, for Asian student like me, life without rice cook was a BIG deal.

Second story was about the cleaning. The lady cleaner would come to clean our rooms once a week. Usually she came on Monday morning. I had heard that she would clean the clean room only. If the room had been dirty, she wouldn’t have cleaned the room. It was weird. And the lady cleaner observed things in our rooms while cleaning. If something wrong had been found, she would have informed the guardian.

Friends who did not live in Rainerum were not allowed to be in the building after 11pm., and also were not allowed to stay overnight.

Another rule of living here was I had to inform the guardian, when I would away from Rainerum more than 3 days. OMG!?! I thought this was too much! During February, I did not have class for 2 weeks. At that time, it was very cold, so I did not go out. I mostly spent time watching movies and reading books in my room. Then, I got an email from the guardian. He reminded me that if I was away for more than three days, I had to inform him!

Well, there were many more stories about Rainerum, and I was wrong. Living there did not give me more freedom than living at home!


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