Study Abroad Series: 34 The party is over

Every party has to come to an end. So has journey. Finally, the second semester ended. In EMSE program, there were 4 students. Three of them would go to Spain for the next year, and only I would go to Sweden. And friends in Software engineering program would study the next year in Bolzano.

When I graduated or quitted a job from a company, for me they were not farewells. Even if we had farewell parties, we still contact each other after that. We still could go shopping and watch movies together like we did before.

But, this time was not the same; I did not know when we would meet again. We were from around the world. The chance that we would meet again was very less. Anyway, it was common for studying abroad and life must go on.


Friends gradually went back to their counties. I did not fly back to my country, Thailand, like other friends. I traveled during school holidays, and flew to Sweden.

When flying from Thailand to Italy, I was very excited because it was my longest journey and I had never been to Europe before. When flying from Italy to Sweden, I was also excited too; I felt that I wanted to go to Sweden, but I also did not want to leave Italy.

For me, Bolzano was just a small city in northern Italy. It was a place of memory.

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