Study Abroad Series: 35 A New Beginning

The journey from Italy to Sweden took more time than I had expected because the city I had lived (Bolzano) and the city I was going to live (Karlskrona) did not have the airport. I had to take train from Bolzano to Milan airport (around 4 hours) and I had to take train from Copenhagen airport to Karlskrona (around 3 hours).

I did not fly to Stockholm because from there it would take at least 6 hours to Karlskrona. I arrived Copenhagen around 8am. Then, I bought a train ticket to Karlskrona. The office ticket accepted Euro cash, but they gave me change in Danish krone.

Around noon, I arrived Karlskrona. It was still warm in Italy, but in Sweden I could feel that summer was just gone. Firstly, I had to go to Karlskronahem office, the company that I rent a room with, in order to get the keys.

From Thailand to Italy, I brought 2 luggages and 1 backpack with me. I still remembered that it was very tiring travelling with many stuffs. This time, I sent one luggage via post. So, from the train station, I carried only one luggage and one backpack and walked to the city center to find Karlskronahem office.


At the office, I talked to the old lady. She gave me the keys and told me the rules. After talking to her for 10 minutes, I knew immediately that the guardian at Rainerum was much nicer than her.

After receiving the keys, the other guy showed me the bus stop that I could take to my apartment. After on board for 10 minutes, the bus passed the university. Then another 10 minutes, I got off. So, my apartment was around 20 minute bus ride from the city center.

When i stepped into my apartment, i was disappointed. Comparing to Rainerum, the rent rate there were more expensive, but the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen were older than in Rainerum.

I missed Rainerum, the place that I stayed while living in Bolzano and the place that I always complained during my stay.

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