Study Abroad Series: 38 Lina

Lina was the university officer that helped me to get a bank account. I wrote about her in the previous post.

I first saw her name from the acceptance letter from the university. From the letter, I was told to contact her to register a Swedish course.

I first met her on the first day of the Swedish class. She had golden hair and seemed like she had a good mood all the time. On that day, she told the students about the history of Karlskrona.

She told us that at first there were not so many people living in Karlskrona because of the strong wind, but the king wanted people to live in this city. So, the king burned the nearby city of Karlskrona. Then, people had to move to Karlskrona.

We laughed. Was it true? I did not know.

Lina was not a Swedish teacher, but she always organized the activities for us during the course.


And, as I told you in the previous post, she helped me about a bank account; I was getting to know her more. And, she did not help only me, but she also helped other students.

Two Spanish friends who rent an apartment together found the bedbug under their bed. They wanted to move out from the apartment immediately, but Karlskronahem (the company that my friends and I rent an apartment with) would not give them a deposit. According to the company rule, to get the deposit back, we needed to inform the company 3 months in advance before moving out.

But who wanted to live with bedbug?!?! My friends were so stress out. I was not sure if the company gave my friends the other options. Finally, with the help from Lina, my friends moved to the new apartment and also got the deposit back.

Lina helped many students. I did not know what exactly her responsibilities were. But, for me, she was the heroine of this university!

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