Study Abroad Series: 39 Drop the course

In Sweden, for one semester, there were two cycles. Each cycle took around 2 months. For the first semester, I had to take 4 courses, so I should have studied 2 courses per cycle.

In the first cycle, I had to take one compulsory course and one selective course. And in the second semester, I had to take two compulsory courses.

But, there was only selective course available for EMSE students for the first cycle. It meant I could not choose! For the selective course, I went to the classroom 2-3 times, and I felt like I learned nothing in the class. Besides, In the class, the teacher taught the basic programming that I already knew, but the assignment was much difficult than what he taught in the class. I wanted to change the course.

There were many selective courses available for the second cycle. I had two options. First option was to continue with the course that I learned nothing.  Second option was to study one course for the first cycle, and three courses for the second cycle.

I chose the second option.

To drop the course and register the new one, I had to contact the program manager. I sent him an email and waited for one week. I got nothing from him, so I went to his office. He said that he saw my email, but he did not reply!?!? What was the purpose of using email?

He told me that studying 3 courses in one cycle might be too much, and blah blah blah.  Finally, he changed the information in the system for me. He told me to check the system later.

When I went back home, I checked the information in the website. Nothing changed. Some friends told me that it could take a week. What?!?!? I was confused with the system here.


Besides the program manager, the program officer could help me. But her meeting time was only on Tuesday and Thursday (1.5 hours only). My friends told me that she was nicer than the program manager, but I should go earlier in order to avoid a long queue. I knew from my friends that the relationship between the program manager and students was not good.

On Wednesday, I had to do something at the university, but I could not meet the program officer on that day. So, I went to the Student Center to ask about this. They told me that they would help me contact the program officer and would send email to me within that day for the result.

At that time I was very confused about the contact person when I needed help. I did not know who I should contact for each issue. My friend, who studied there before me, laughed and said “So do I”.

As expected, I got nothing from the Student Center. I went to see her again, and she said that this was not urgent. How could she speak like that?!?! Finally, she sent me an email that she already told the program officer.

Well, a week passed. Nothing changed in the system. I went to see the program officer by myself. She said that she got an email from Student Center, but she forgot to do it. So, it was good that I came to remind her.

What?!?! She forgot!!! 

Again, What was the purpose of using email?

It took me 3 weeks to drop the course and register the new one!

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