Study Abroad Series: 40 Printers

It had never been difficult for me to print a document in my universities. But, anything could happen in Sweden.

When I studied in Bangkok, students could print documents for free, but there was a page limitation. When I studied in Italy, printing documents was not free, but it was easy and convenient to print. I just had to top up money in my student card, and use the card to pay.

In Sweden, the system was quite similar to in Italy, but to top up the money, I needed more than just money. I had to be a member of PayEx system. To apply membership, for some students it took 3 to 4 days, while other might take 4 weeks!!! To apply membership, it required Swedish Personal Number.

Sounds familiar? You need this number to open a bank account.

Believe me, if you are going to study in Sweden, try to get this number as soon as possible. You will need it for nearly all aspects of your life!!!


They provided option for people who did not have Swedish Personal Number. Without the number, I had to scan and send my passport to PayEx. And, I did so.

After waiting for 3 to 4 days, I got an email informing that I had to scan and send my student card to PayEx as well. And, I did so.

After waiting for 3 to 4 days, I got an email informing that they needed both scanned passport and student card in the same email. And, I did so.

Then, they disappeared. I have never got any email from them until now.

My friend told me that it took her 4 weeks to manage this. She told me that she was upset, and finally she called to PayEx’s office.

I was tired with PayEx. Actually there were so many annoying things while studying in Sweden. From the bank account to drop the course, finally I decided not to sign up with the PayEx.

My Indian friend told me that PayEx did not work. He could not make it too. But he had a trick. He told me how to print a document at the university.

  1. Ask for help from IT helpdesk
  2. Tell him that you could not top up money with PayEx
  3. He would say it is not IT helpdesk’s responsibility
  4. Tell him that you have an appointment with the teacher and need to print the document.
  5. He will print the document for you
  6. Repeat step 1 to 5, when you want to print a document.

I laughed and told my friend that I still had to learn to survive in this university.

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