Study Abroad Series: 41 Learn to live happily

If you have read my posts about open a bank, drop the course, and use the printers, you would know that I faced many annoying things while living in Sweden.

It was not only me, but also my friends.

I knew one Japanese student from the Swedish language class. She came to study in Sweden for one year. She had the same problem as I had. Both of us could not open a bank account in Sweden.

On the day that she knew that she could not open a bank account, she was very worried. She did not know that how her parents would transfer money to her. She complained a lot. Finally, she used Western Union.

Without a bank account, she had to pay the monthly rental at the bank (she could not pay it online). And she had to pay for a fee 70-80 Swedish krona every month. Karlskronahem, the company that we rent the apartment, did not accept cash.

Another good option was to pay the rent at Exchange (the place where we could exchange money into other currencies). The fee at Exchange was 30-40 Swedish Krona. Cheaper than at bank.


After I had got a bank account, I did not pay the rent at Exchange. My Japanese friend told me that she still paid the rent at Exchange every month, and one day she knew from her friend that actually Karlskronahem accepted cash, but they did not want to.

Oh…when they said “I could not do it”, it did not mean like that. They just did not want to do it!

I also felt like this when I tried to open a bank account here.

My Japanese friends told me that she was disappointed with many things in Sweden. Sweden had a good reputation for education, but from her experience it was not true. She always complained many things such as the bank account, the apartment, and her roommate.

I did not see her much after the semester started. She told me that she had many classes. Around 4 months passed, I met her again; she changed. She still complained, but it was not the same. She was not feel bad anymore. It seemed like she accepted things that she faced. She told me that she adjusted herself and tried to live here happily.

Yes, we still had to live in Sweden for several months, so let’s get to know the country, and live happily with it.

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