Study Abroad Series: 42 Thai students

When I studied in Italy, there were only 2 Thai students including me in the university. In Sweden there were more! There were 5 Thai students including me!

I knew them after arrival in Sweden for about 2 weeks and three of them graduated before me. One of them told me that he saw me since the first day that I arrived. He was not sure that I was Thai. So instead of talking to me, he talked to other Thai guys very loudly in Thai language. He thought I would have talked to him if I had been understood Thai language. Well, I did not hear what they were talking even a bit.

Thai students here had dinners together almost everyday. All of us were male except me; I could not believe that their cooking skills were much better than me. I learned a lot from them. They could cook some Thai foods that I had thought it was difficult to cook such as Som Tum, Tom Yum (Thai hot and sour soup), Kaeng som (Thai sour soup), and Khao Man Gai (Thai version of Hainanese chicken rice). Not only Thai foods, we also made pizza, and hamburger.


We always tried cooking a new dish. My friend told me that it was like a group assignment that students worked together and received the same grade. We cooked together, and we had to eat it together even if it was not delicious…haha

One more reason that we always cooked was the university canteen opened only lunch time and only Monday to Friday. And the price also was not cheap. I ate at canteen only once during studying there.

Honestly I, many times, did miss the mensa (or canteen) at FUB. The canteen that my friends and I always complained about the taste of the foods there!

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