Study Abroad Series: 43 Chinese students

Like FUB, the university I studied in Italy, BTH was also an international university. Students were from several countries. Unbelievably, the majority of students there was from India and China.

In the Swedish language class, there were many Chinese students. When they knew that I was from Thailand, they talked to each other in Chinese. I did not know what they were talking about. Then, one of them asked me “Do you know Mario?”

Haha…”Of course, I know him”

Mario is a famous actor in Thailand. My Chinese friends told me that they liked him a lot. I just realized that Chinese also watched Thai movies and Thai dramas.

After I got to know them more, I knew that they watched many Thai movies and dramas, and some of them I had not even heard the name of them before. One Chinese student also listened to Thai songs. It was strange for me that she could listen to them, even if she did not understand Thai language. Well, when she told me the name of the singer, honestly I had never known him before.


Many Chinese students thought I was Chinese. To be precise, I am Thai, but I am half Chinese. Some people even thought I was Japanese! There was one day that I was working with my Chinese friend. One Chinese guy came to us, and then they were talking something in Chinese. When he had gone, my friend told me that he came to talk to me because he thought I was Chinese. This kind of situation always happened to me while living abroad.

My Chinese friend told me that she had dinners with my Thai friends several time. She told me that my Thai friend told her that for Thai culture, guest had to clean the dishes after the meals. She asked me for the truth.

I just laughed and did not answer her question. Well, I guessed she, then, knew the answer.

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