Study Abroad Series: 44 Thai series/ Thai movies

I had watched Thai series and Thai movies since I was young. I stopped watching them when I was in high school. At that time, I studied hard and did not pay attention to series or movies much.

I started watching them again when I started working. This time, instead of watching Thai series, I watched Korean series. My favorite ones were ‘Autumn in my heart’ and ‘All about eve’. The first one after watching the first episode, I could not stop watching the rest. And, I could not believe that I cried for this series every episode!

Then, one day I started watching American series because I wanted to practice my English listening skill. Then, I remembered that I always spent my long weekend with the American series all days and all nights. My mom always complained that I was lazy and watched TV all day long. I told her back that I was practicing English.

So, I had not watched Thai series for a while. I started watching them again when I lived abroad. I watched them again when I was in Italy. I might miss either my home, or Thai language. During my time abroad, I had never watched any Korean or American series.


I thought it was only me, but I was wrong. My Bangladesh friends said that it happened to her as well.

On a lonely night, I watched a Thai movie named ‘Dear Galileo’. It was a story of two Thai students who escaped their problems by backpacking to Europe. I had watched this movie before, but I did not like it much. Well, after watching for the second time, I liked it. There were so many scenes in the movie that made me thinking of myself. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

There was a scene that a student recorded a video. She said that “today is the 117th day of the journey. Today I’m very very lonely”. It touched my heart deeply because that day was the 471st day of my journey. Some days I was lonely. And some days I was very very lonely.

Maybe loneliness is part of a journey. Especially a solo journey!

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