Study Abroad Series: 45 Seasons changed

While living in Italy, I talked to my Finnish friend and told her that I would move to Sweden in the next academic year. She told me that I would see the different of each season vividly. I told her that I already saw it in Italy, but she told me back that in Italy it was not that vivid.

After living in Sweden for one year, I totally understand what she said. Same like Italy, Sweden has four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. But, in each season things were different, and my feelings towards each season were also different.

For me, winter was the worst season. That year it lasted for 6 months. It was freezing cold and I sometime I did not see the sun for a week. I thought I then knew the true meaning of WINTER.


Spring and autumn were not bad. Seeing colorful flowers and colorful leaves made me feel fresh.

And the best season would be, of course, summer which lasted for only 2 months. It was my best time living in Sweden. Like many friends said living in Sweden in summer was like living in a heaven on earth. Well, but it was Sweden. Even in summer, when I went outside, I still had to bring jacket with me. The temperature could drop to zero if it rained.

My friend said that the weather in Sweden was like women’s moods because it changed all the time and you could not predict how it would be.

You can read more and see more photos of how different of each season here.

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