Study Abroad Series: 46 We all have our own path

This is the story of my friend who came from Bangladesh. We lived in the same apartment. And we talked to each other a lot, while living together.

She studied in Sweden before me. When I met her, she was about to graduate. She recommended me the supermarkets and the second-hand shops where I could buy stuffs. Well, she did not tell me much about her story and the university.

Because we lived together, I always told her my problems and asked her for advice. I started complaining about many annoying things I faced in Sweden. Then, she gradually told me her story.

She started doing thesis since September 2011, and she should have graduated since June 2012 (I arrived Sweden in August 2012, but she still was there). She told me that in May 2012, her advisor was fired from the university. Actually her advisor was about to go to other university in July 2012, but she was fired before. So, she did not have an advisor and could not have a thesis exam. The advisor was the only one who could allow students to give a thesis presentation.

The university officer told her that she would get a new advisor. She kept asking about her new advisor. During that time, she could not improve her work. Just wait, wait, and wait. About 5-6 months passed (from May 2012 to October 2012), finally she got an advisor. 


Her new advisor gave feedback on her thesis. She started working on her thesis again. It did not work smoothly because her new advisor had many advisees, and sometimes the advisor replied her email late, and even worse sometimes her advisor did not reply her email.

Two months passed, her new advisor disappeared. She could not contact her advisor anymore. She was stress out. She told me that she could not start working on her thesis again; it was too much. She told me that one of her friends chose to do master in Germany. He came after her, and he already graduated. She did not understand why she had to face something like this. I totally understood her, but I could not help.

I could not remember exactly what she was doing at that time. Well, finally she was allowed to give a presentation. I was really glad for her.

While studying there, my friend always told her mother about her problems. She compared her life with her friend’s life; she could not understand why she had to face the bad things, while others had not. Then, her mother told her that “I have never taught you to compare your life with others. We all have our own path.”

Totally agreed. That day her mother taught not only my friend, but also me. Thanks!

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