Study Abroad Series: 47 Different experiences with the same universities

While I studied first year in Italy, and second year in Sweden. There was another EMSE student who studied first year in Sweden, and second year in Italy.

She contacted me while I was about to leave Italy. At that time she was finding an apartment in Bolzano. She had heard the not-so-good reputation of Rainerum, and she did not want to live there. She was contacting the owners of the apartments, and she needed help from me to check the rooms.

We, then, exchanged the information of the university, the city, the weather, and so on. And, we also exchanged stuffs such as pan, pot, iron, and so on. So, we did not buy many things, when we moved to a new country.

I met her in person when I arrived Sweden. I did not talk to her much, after she flew to Italy. One day she told me that she would came back to Sweden to do thesis work in the second semester of her second year. She told me that Bolzano was good, but she liked Karlskrona more.

I knew two students who also got the same scholarship as me and they also studied in Italy and Sweden. Both of them liked Italy more. And me too


So, she was the first one I knew who liked Sweden more. After she came back to Sweden, we talked and shared what happened to us again.

She told me that she could not open a bank account in Italy, and no one could help her. Finally she opened a bank account in Germany. Well, it was easy and convenient for me to open a bank account in Italy.

She told me that she had many friends in Sweden, but not in Italy. For me, I had so many friends in Italy, but not in Sweden. I asked her that why did not you go to mensa. It was a place that I knew a lot of friends. She told me that she always ate alone there.

She told me that she also had an argument with a teacher in Italy. Well, that teacher was very nice to me and I got help from her when I had a problem.

I complained a lot about the university in Sweden. And, she told me that she did not face these annoying things while studying in Sweden.

We were surprised that we studied in the same universities, in the same cities, but the experiences we gained were so much difference.

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