Study Abroad Series: 48 No job, No study

In the Global Software Engineering course, the course that we learned about the communication and coordination of software engineering activities in a global context, the teacher organized a workshop. The students were divided into small groups. Each group worked in a room. And all groups had to communicate with each other. It was like we were working together from different countries.

I was in the same group with a Spanish guy. Each group had its own responsibility. We did what we had to do. Then, we had to wait. While waiting for the response from the other groups, we talked about the student life. He told me that he was an exchange student and he came to study in Karlskrona only one semester.

Then, we talked about travelling. He showed me the clip that he did bunjee jump. I told him that I wanted to do so, but I wanted to skydive more. He immediately showed me another clip that did skydive. I was so jealous.


We still did not get any response from the other teams. Then, I asked him a question that I was curious for a while. It was about party. I had heard from friends that in Spain people started party since Thursday. I also knew some Spanish friends who invited me to the non-stop party starting from Friday night to Sunday night. Frankly, for me the party was too long. I asked him that “Do Spanish like parties?”

He laughed and said “Yes!!” He told me that some Spanish neither worked nor studied. They only party! He said that there was a specific word that was dedicated to people like this. He told me, but I could not remember that word.

Wow! I could not believe that there were people lived their lives with party!

Well, in this workshop, I did not learn only how people develop or maintain software globally. I also learned that there were people that only interested in party!

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