Study Abroad Series: 49 useful skills

Things were very expensive in Sweden especially whisky and wine. Since I lived in southern Sweden, I had heard that many Swedish took ferry to Poland to buy them.

Besides, cost of dental care was also expensive. During studying there, my German friend had a toothache. Instead of going to see a dentist in Sweden, she flew back to Germany to see a dentist in her home country. She told me that it was expensive in Sweden. Well, the distance between Sweden and Germany was not that far, so I was not sure how expensive it was. In my case, it might not be worth it. One day my Chinese friend had the same problem. She also decided to fly back to China. She told me that the cost of dental care in Sweden was more expensive than the flight ticket to China plus the cost of dental care in China, and plus the return flight to Sweden. Um… I realized at that time that it was really expensive.

So, it would be great if we could do something by ourselves.


Like I told you, living in Sweden during summer was like living in a heaven on earth. People around took vacation and traveled. It was a time to meet and have party. I had got invitations from Thai who living there for dinner. One day I went to one Thai’s house. Her house was a little bit far from the city. She had a big vegetable garden. She grew several types of vegetable. It was so good. She could save money, and at the same time she also could sell it and earn more income. She was very nice; she allowed me to take them back home for free. Well, I could not take them because I could not distinguish between the vegetables and the grasses!!!

Sigh…I usually bought vegetables in the supermarkets. I did not know how to grow them, and, even worse, I did not know how to pick them! Then, on that day she helped me pick the vegetables I wanted.

The haircuts over there were also expensive. Some Thai housewives learned this skill when they were in Thailand.

Living abroad made me realize that there were so many things to learn and I thought these were the useful skills that I should have learned them before going abroad.

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