Study Abroad Series: 50 Focus in the class

Before going to Sweden, I heard from a friend who had studied in BTH before that there was a teacher who had much experience in software engineering field and had expertise to pass on knowledge. My friend told me that she had never lost focus in the classroom while he taught.

Unfortunately, the teacher did not teach anymore while I studied there. He was only doing research. Anyway, I had some luck. I got another good teacher and I also had never lost focus in the classroom while she taught. Until now, I could say that for me she was the first and the only one that could do that.

In Sweden, it was like culture that everyone knew that the class would start after the classroom time table 15 minutes. For example, the classroom time table was written 10.00 to 12.00; it meant we had class from 10.15 to 12.00. It seemed like everyone knew about this. So, no one told me and I was a little bit confused with this culture during the first week of the first semester.


The good teacher, that I got a chance to study with, told us that she always taught only 45 minutes straight, no more than that, because students could not focus and learn more than 45 minutes. So, usually in her classes, we studied 45 minutes, then had a break, then studied 45 minutes.

I had a chance to learn from her only a course. My Chinese friend told me that this course was good, but she studied another course with her and that one was better.

I had a chance to talk to her privately. I told her that I was really impressed with her teaching style, and she told me back that it took her days to prepare course material for the class.

It would be good to have teachers that have strong desire to pass on knowledge to students.

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