Study Abroad Series: 52 Choose

Some said “Choose a Thesis Advisor is similar to choosing someone to get married with”

Maybe it was exaggerate, because the relationship between an advisor and a student would last at most only one year (in some cases maybe longer). But, obviously choosing an advisor was one of the most important decisions during study.  To do thesis, we had to choose an advisor and a topic that we were interested in.

Besides, at BTH we had to choose not only an advisor and topic, but also partner. At this university the thesis work had to be done in pair.

Topic, advisor, and partner…so, I had 3 things to choose.

A guideline recommended students to choose partner first. The partner that we wanted to work with and he/she also wanted to work in the same topic as us.


Lucky me…or maybe not

I had to do thesis alone because I studied my first year in FUB (the university in Italy) which was not allowed me to do thesis in pair. If I had done thesis in pair, I would not have got a degree from Italy. It was strange that two universities had conflict rules.

Anyway, it was ok for me to do thesis alone because maybe finding partner would be more difficult. At that time, there were not so many students getting enough credits to start thesis. Some friends had to work with students that they had never known before.

So, I did not have to choose a partner.

Then, now it was time to choose a topic and an advisor. I had to choose a topic first. Then, find a potential advisor that I thought we could work well together, and he/she was interested in my topic, and his/ her slot was not full yet.

Students needed to be active about finding topic, advisor, and partner because we needed to inform the examiner within 3 weeks after the course started. In case that we did not do so, we would be assigned a partner and an advisor RANDOMLY and we had to work with them without condition!

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