Study Abroad Series: 53 Searching for an advisor

I did not need a partner. I had a topic and an advisor in my mind.

So, I started sending an email to him before the course started around 2 months. The teacher sent an email back within half an hour. He needed me to write a short essay telling him what I wanted to do and go meeting him.

When I met him, he told me that he just wanted to see my English writing skill. He explained me a lot about doing thesis, and he taught me what could be a thesis topic, the scope of the thesis, and so on.

Then, he told me that working with him I had to work very hard, and maybe get worse grade than working with other teachers. He needed the thesis get publication. He would not have allowed me to have an exam, if my thesis work had not been good enough. He really meant it.

He was quite fair. He told me what he wanted since we met. After talking with him, I hesitated to work with him. I did not care about the grade; I just wanted to learn from him, but I could not live and learn there forever! (I knew two Chinese students who were his advisees; they worked on the thesis for more than a year)


Before the course started, the Research Fair was organized at the university. On that day, the teachers introduced themselves and their topic interests.

I was interested in a topic, and the teacher who owned this topic was the only one that explained the thesis work in detail.

After finishing the presentation, I told the teacher that I was interested in this topic and he told me to send him an email. I waited for his email for 2 weeks. I got nothing, and then I decided not to work with him.

My Chinese friend also wanted to work with him. She sent him an email as well and did not get any response as well. Luckily, she met him by chance in the university, so she asked him about this. And he told her that his university email account was full; she had to send an email to his private email!?!

Oh, I see. That was why I did not get any response from him. I thought it was unprofessional and I did not like this working style.

My Chinese friend was still trying to contact him for one month. Then, she was upset and decided to work with other teacher!

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