Study Abroad Series: 54 Got advisors

I decided to send an email to the third teacher. She taught me one course. I chose to email her because of her interest areas. Besides, she was the teacher that I had never lost focus in the class while she taught.

After sending an email, I got response from her that she was out of town and would be back in the next 3 weeks. So, she recommended me the articles that I should start reading to get an idea before having a meeting with her.


The day that we met, I told her the topic that I was interested in, and she recommended me the areas that I could turn them to be a thesis. She told me that I should choose the topic that I really wanted to do, not the one she wanted to do because I would be the one who lived with the topic for at least 6 months.

This teacher was not Swedish. In this university there were some teachers came from other countries in Europe. The teacher told me that she flew quite a lot because she taught in 2 universities in 2 countries, but it should not be a problem because we could contact each other via email and Skype.

It was a great talk on that day. After talking with her, I got an inspiration to start doing thesis. So, I decided to work with her. After that I sent her a draft of thesis proposal and revised it several times.

Well, as an Erasmus Mundus student, I needed one more advisor from Italy. I also had a teacher in Italy that I wanted her to be my advisor in my mind. That teacher had taught in BTH before, and she moved to FUB. I knew her when I was in Italy and I also worked with her for a semester. My advisor in Sweden also knew her. So, I sent an email asking her to be my advisor, and withing that day she accepted me as her advisee.

So, it took me more than one month to get a thesis topic and get thesis advisors, but it was a great starting point because I got the topic that I wanted to do and got the advisors that I wanted to work with.

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