Study Abroad Series: 55 Learn from the Graduates

In the Research Fair, we had a chance to meet not only potential advisors, but also graduated students. Four graduated students gave presentations telling us the experience while they were doing thesis.

Two of them wrote a thesis diary, while doing thesis. They wrote what happened to them starting from the first day to the last day of doing thesis, and they turned it to be a ‘Journey into a finished MSC’ presentation.

They started the presentation with the quote from the examiner.

“60% of students failed”

The examiner did not say like that to students this year. He said that

“65% of students had never taken the thesis defense”

I did not know which one was worse.

Then, they showed us the photo of snow. To be precise, it was the heavy snow. Karlskrona in winter was not a good place to start thesis. Everyone laughed. Winter and no sunshine made me depressed. They recommended us to find a fun way to do thesis.


They told us to choose an interesting topic. They did so. Anyway, during working on the thesis, they still suffered, or had a hard time with what they chose. And after the presentation, there were still some works that we had to finish.

One of the presenters was an EMSE Erasmus mundus student (same as me). I knew her on Facebook. She studied her first year in Sweden and second year in Spain. That day was the first day that we met. She told me that it was very tiring, when doing thesis. Sometimes she was discouraged and was not sure she could finish the thesis. Well, she told me that I would learn a lot while doing thesis.

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