Study Abroad Series: 56 Thesis Proposal

I had to do thesis in the second semester, but I started talking to my advisor before the first semester ended. After our first meeting, I had some ideas for my thesis. And the first thing I needed to do was writing a thesis proposal.

My advisor told me that she was waiting to read my proposal. I then told her that I still had exam for other courses and could not work full-time with the thesis. She told me not to rush, but just read an article a day when I had free time.

What?!? Academic papers during my free time ?!?!

I did not think it was a good idea… haha… Many series was waiting for me to watch.

My advisor was good at encouraging and inspiring me to do thesis. After talking with her, I always wanted to work on my thesis.

In the thesis proposal form, I had to fill in the topic name, the brief description of the thesis work, the problem in the area, the current knowledge in the area, the aim and objectives of the thesis, the expected outcome, risk to the thesis, and the time plan.

When talking to my advisor, it sounded easy. But while I started writing it by myself, I found out that it was really difficult. I read more than 10 papers in order to write a proposal.

I had heard that some good proposals could turn to be the first one or two chapters in the thesis.


Almost a month I finished a first draft of my proposal. I, then, sent it to my advisor. Around three days later, I got feedback from her. I got a lot of comments and it took me almost a month to edit my proposal.

After my advisor was OK with my proposal, I sent it to my advisor in Italy. Since I had 2 advisors, I needed approval from both of them. I got comments from my advisor in Italy. I edit my proposal as her advice. Then, I was done with the proposal. My advisor sent the proposal to the faculty reviewer, and I officially started doing thesis.

In short, it took me almost 2 months to get a 6-page thesis proposal.

Well, I was quite lucky because my advisor gave feedback very fast. Some friends waited for the feedback from advisors for more than a week.

Feedback from the advisors could take time. We could not tell the teacher to read our thesis proposal or thesis within 3 days or 1 week. The examiner told us that do not expect that the advisor would read your work immediately; the teacher had other works and our theses were not the teachers’ first priority. We were recommended to speed up the process by setting a plan and telling the teachers in advance.

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