Study Abroad Series: 57 Thesis

In the early months of doing thesis, I read many academic papers. Some of them seemed related to what I was doing; I then read the whole paper, and finally I did not know what to do next. Not that long, I decided to send an email to my advisor asking for a meeting for discussion.

My advisor told me what I had to do. Again, things seemed easy when talking with her. Anyway, she told me that I would suffer throughout the whole 6 months that I was doing thesis.

My advisor had never followed up the thesis work; it was not her responsibility. It was the responsibility of students to finish it by themselves. The advisor would give a suggestion when we were confused or did not know what to do next.

In order not to lose connection between us, I sent her an email every Monday reporting the progress of the thesis. I had not known before that doing like this would automatically force me to do thesis in order to have some progress to report her every week.

After doing thesis for three months, I had to re-read some papers because I forgot them. And I found out that what I got from the reading paper from the second time was different from the first time.

At that time, I had a feeling that there were many papers to read. How could I finish the thesis?


I read and wrote thesis everyday; I wanted to finish it. At that time, I did not care about the grade anymore; I did not care about the quality of my thesis.

Finally, I finished the first version of my thesis, and I submitted it to my advisor. About two weeks, I got the feedback from her. Her first feedback made me shocked and ashamed; I had never got feedback like this before in my life.

My advisor printed out my thesis. She read it every page and wrote the comments. Every page was full with her handwriting. I thought the feedback was longer that what I wrote.

I was ashamed because I did not intend to do it. I just wanted to finish it, while my advisor spent time reading it and gave constructive feedback. She told me that the feedback would help me improve my thesis easier. I told her that I was shocked with the feedback and did not know where to start improving. She recommended me to read the whole feedback because it was related, went for a walk for 2-3 days, and started improving the thesis.

After getting the feedback from her, I felt guilty. This time it took me more than 2 months to improve the thesis. I worked with my thesis almost everyday. I read every comment, analyzed, and then edited the thesis. Some chapters I had to find more information, while some chapters I had to rewrite.

Finally, I finished it. I submit my thesis to my advisor. I thought I had to wait for her feedback for at least a week. So, I planned a trip. I worked very hard in the summer and it was time to travel harder! I wanted to breathe the air of new places!!!

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