Study Abroad Series: 58 A summer break

There was no class in summer. The university became a quiet place. Both teachers and students came back to their countries or traveled around. My advisor also came back to her hometown. We used email and Skype to communicate. I finally submitted my thesis to her. And, she told me that she had a guest, so I would get feedback a little bit late.

Only the students that were doing theses were still around in Karlskrona. Some said that there was no summer break for students who were doing theses. Well, I was not included. It was my last summer in Europe, so I had to make it worth it!

I thought I was working too long with the thesis, and I did not travel to anywhere since I arrived in Sweden. I wanted to relax, and at that time it was summer; the weather was so good. I should travel to the beautiful cities in Europe.

This trip, I planned to go to six capital cities in six countries. It was fun since I planned: six countries, five currencies, and two time zones.


I left Karlskrona heading up to Stockholm (Sweden). Then I took a ferry across Baltic Sea to Tallinn (Estonia), Riga (Latvia), and Vilnius (Lithuania). Then, I took an overnight bus to Berlin (Germany), and took a bus again to Copenhagen (Denmark). Then, I took a train back to Karlskrona.

My trip lasted about 10 days. I checked the email from time to time during the trip. On the fourth day of the trip, I got feedback from my advisor!

I was shocked. It was too fast!!! Oh…I should not have checked the email while travelling!

Luckily, this time the feedback was not so long. I could not do anything with the thesis because I did not bring laptop with me. So, I tried to enjoy traveling.

After the trip, it took me around a week to improve my thesis. After submitting this version to my advisor, she finally allowed me to defend the thesis.

Well, I still had to wait for feedback from my advisor in Italy. The feedback from her was not that long, and it did not take long time to change my thesis.

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