Study Abroad Series: 60 Graduation

After presentation in the morning, I had a meeting with my advisor in the afternoon to summarize what I had to do later for my thesis.

My advisor congratulated me on the result. She told me that I was lucky because the teacher who usually was an examiner disappeared, and my opponent did not prepare himself. It seemed like giving a presentation meant graduation because there was nothing much to do after this.

That day was the last day that I met my advisor. I thanked her for her advice and support throughout 9 months. I was very happy doing thesis under her supervision. For me, she was the best advisor ever.


I started doing thesis on December and had a presentation on September next year. I lived with it 9 months full. I found out that doing thesis was like doing some little projects that would not take more than 1 year and learn from it.

Before giving the presentation, the examiner asked me about my feeling during doing thesis. I told her that it was mix; sometimes I had fun doing it; sometimes I was tired; sometimes I became discouraged. But, I learned a lot from doing thesis and I was sure I could do it better next time. And, the examiner told me that they were the purpose of doing thesis.

I found that this principle could use adapted and used in real life. There were many things that I wanted to do, but had never started to do so. I had been afraid with the result and afraid that it would not be perfect.

But now I know. Do not think about the result. Perfect is the enemy of good. Just do it; live with it; and learn from it.


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