Study Abroad Series: 61 Found myself

Many people travel in order to find themselves.

I was in doubt. Why do we have to go somewhere in order to find ourselves? Have you ever in doubt about this?

I had ever wanted to know that how the “themselves” that people were finding was.

722 days that l lived in Europe.

722 days that I lived alone in places that I had never known that it existed in the world.

Those 722 days made me understand people around the world that travel in order to find themselves. Well, I did not find “myself”, but I just got to know myself more.

Going abroad, living in new environment, seeing new things, and doing new things for a period of time made me know myself and understand myself more.

I know what I want and what I do not want. I know what I like and what I do not like.


I compare myself like a circle which has 360 degrees. Before going to Europe, I might know myself only 150 degrees, but after living there for two years, I knew myself more.

It might be because during living abroad I spent a lot of time with myself. Well, I did not intend to do that, but I lived alone. There were so many days and nights that I felt lonely and lost.

Maybe like some said

… You have to lose yourself, to find yourself…

Several months passed; finally, I knew myself more. And, I knew that I would change all the time. And, I felt happy to get to know myself, to learn new things, and to improve myself more and more everyday.

Living and studying in Europe was the experience that I would not trade them for anything. If you are considering going abroad, I would suggest you to set a plan, and do it!

Don’t hesitate!!!

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