Study Abroad Series: Introduction

If you read my blog from time to time, you would know that last 3 years I got Erasmus Mundus scholarship to study master’s degree in Europe for two years. Since then, I occasionally got an email from people both Thai and foreigner, who I do not know them before, asking questions regarding to the scholarship itself and also my student life over there.

Living and studying abroad is one of my dreams. I knew that my experience there would be once in a life time experience since I got the scholarship, so during my study I regularly wrote down my thoughts and interesting things that I had seen. Well, I wrote it in Thai. And it is kept in my laptop.


Until these days, I still got messages from strangers asking me about this on Facebook. Getting more and more questions inspires me to run study abroad series sharing you about the scholarship and my 2 years university life experience in Europe. I think it would be useful to share my story here and in English.

Well, please bear in mind that this is just a student’s experience story from a student’s perspective. Other students would have, of course, other experiences. I hope my story inspires and motivates anyone who want to study abroad to pursue their dream.

Enjoy reading!

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