Suan Pakkad Palace…where you can see traditional wooden Thai houses

Would you like to see traditional Thai houses? Nowadays Thais live in contemporary houses and many people are moving to condominiums. It is difficult to see traditional Thai houses on the streets especially in Bangkok. Today I will take you to Suan Pakkad Palace where you can see traditional wooden Thai houses. The name of the palace literally translates to “a cabbage garden” as this land was used to grow cabbage before.


To visit this palace, first of all, my friends and I bought tickets. The ticket cost us 50 Baht each. Then, we were asked to put our stuffs in the locker. 


Suan Pakkad Palace was the residence of Prince and Princess Chumbhot Paribatra of Nagor Svarga. Here, there are 8 traditional Thai houses. Each house contains collection of artifacts or antiquities of Thai and also other Asian countries. At first the collection was made available for public viewing. Then, it was converted to be a museum while the owners were still living in. All houses are more than a century old and are connected by bridges on the second floor. So, we didn’t have to go up and down to visit each house. The entrance was at the house no.1; we had to take off our shoes, put them in the provided pink plastic bags, and carry the bags with us. 

SuanPakkard08  SuanPakkard04 SuanPakkard05 SuanPakkard06 SuanPakkard07

In the palace there are artworks displaying in Marsi Gallery, the mural paintings in the Lacquer Pavilion, and the Royal Barge named “Kao Kung Bayam”. All stuffs inside the houses including the Lacquer Pavilion, and Marsi Gallery are exquisite, but they are not allowed to take photos.

SuanPakkard09 SuanPakkard10

I think the palace is not so popular for tourists because it was not crowded at all while we were there. However, for me, this place is worth visiting for both tourists and Thais. You will see not only historic Thai houses surrounding by tropical garden, but also collection of antiquities.

Update: January, 2014

Location: The palace is located at Sri Ayudhaya Road. The easiest way to go there is to get off the skytrain (BTS) at Phaya Thai station and take exit no. 4. Then, walk along Sri Ayuthaya road around 300 meters.

Admission fee: Foreigner 100 baht, Thai 50 baht

Opening Hours: Everyday from 09:00 to 16:00

Have you ever been to Suan Pakkad Palace? Do you like it there? Share your experience with me in the comments!


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